E132: Bindu Reddy of MyLikes on This Week in Startups




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about this episode

Bindu Reddy of MyLikes on TWiST #132

Are you willing to throw the weight of your Twitter feed behind a brand? MyLikes CEO Bindu Reddy sure is. She’s betting that you’ll happily endorse your favorite things via social networks in exchange for cold, hard cash. On this week’s show, Reddy discusses the ethics behind sponsored placements, the democratization of advertising and how we can all cash in on our Internet fame.

1:00-3:00 Bindu Reddy of MyLikes is on the show.
3:00-5:00 Sponsor ad for Trada
5:00-7:00 About Bindu and Google
7:00-8:00 Other sites like MyLikes and Ad.ly
8:00-10:00 Why people should use MyLikes.
10:00-12:00 What MyLikes does differently from traditional pay-per-post. (Watch the clip.)
12:00-13:00 Jason’s MyLikes page
13:00-17:00 How does MyLikes deal with spam?
17:00-17:30 Different types of promotions going on a MyLikes
17:30-19:00 Making MyLikes transparent with full disclosure. (Watch the clip.)
19:00-20:00 Pay for post and why it’s horrible
20:00-21:00 How do celebrities use the service?
21:00-23:00 Kim Kardashian will do anything for money.
23:00-25:00 Bindu is the ultimate consumer
25:00-26:00 It’s MyLikes, not MyHates or MyOpinion
26:00-27:00 Jason talks about eye shadow
27:00-28:00 How do you make advertising a good word?
29:00-30:00 Am I going to lose followers using MyLikes?
30:00-31:00 Followers actually increase?
31:00-32:00 Whats the average tweet to sponsored tweet ratio?
32:00-33:00 Don’t tweet if you don’t like something!
33:00-34:00 Justin Bieber quiz/ Charlie Sheen quiz
34:00-35:00 Will there come a time when every brand is on MyLikes? (Watch the clip.)
35:00-36:00 Tweeting and “free will” and when will Twitter buy MyLikes?
36:00-38:30 Charlie Sheen got a Twitter account just to make money
38:30-40:00 Why isn’t Facebook doing this? (Watch the clip.)
40:00-42:00 Facebook vs. Google
43:00-44:00 Are people at Google too smart for they’re own good?
44:00-45:00 Google is the greatest platform ever for advertising?
45:00-46:00 Tyler’s insight: Feels like an elephant in an earthquake
46:00-47:00 End of show

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Background Information on Bindu Reddy and MyLikes
About Bindu

  • Prior to Mylikes Bindu was a Google Apps Product Lead
  • Products included Blogger, Google Docs, Video and Shopping.
  • Bindu created Google Base and spearheaded the introduction of Quality Score
  • Previously was Director of Product Management at Elance
  • Recieved master’s degree from Dartmouth

About MyLikes

  • MyLikes matches advertisers with influencers who publish sponsored messages on Twitter
  • Raised a $630K seed round from 11 ex-Googlers
  • Followed by a $5.55M Series A round led by Khosla Ventures
  • Paul Buchheit creator of Gmail and Friendfeed is on the Board Of Directors
  • Users include: Snoop Dogg, Snooki, Kourtney Kardashian, Audrina Patridge
  • Launched publicly on January 6th, 2010
  • Co-founder Arvind Sundararajan was previously in-charge of Google AdSense engineering
  • Launched in private beta as Likaholix.com


Jason: @jason
Tyler: @steepdecline
Bindu: @bindureddy
MyLikes: @mylikes

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  • They all can’t be great. It’s not a good idea to get a monetary reward by you likes. They are not going to be you like of a item or service, but like for money by writing reviews. I did not enjoy the founding asking for agreement every few minutes

  • They all can’t be great. It’s not a good idea to get a monetary reward by you likes. They are not going to be you like of a item or service, but like for money by writing reviews. I did not enjoy the founding asking for agreement every few minutes

  • Mak

    Man this girl can CHAT!! ..SLOW DOWN!!

    Jason has finally got some competition.. in-regards to chatting forever..lol

  • If you ever wondered why Google flopped on so many projects and why they stubbornly push poorly implemented tech, watch this interview. You will not have that question anymore.

  • I was sorely disapointed with this episode. I had to turn it off after 5 minutes. This after waiting a half hour to download the episode.( I work in Iraq with slow internet.) I do hope Ms. Reddy’s investors insist she recieve “How to give an interview” training.

  • Don’t know what’s with the other commenters. IMO very good guest, more energetic and smarter than usual.

  • Jason, you did it. To me, the worst guest since May 5th, 2009. It is this episode 132 with Bindu Reddy. She has no class, no style, no manner. She has a high-pitch hurt my hearing voice that drove me nut. She has a personality which after five minute of listening to her, 90% men will walk away. She is Al Bundy’s wife, Peggy Bundy.

  • Gladwell

    9:45 into the program – roughly 2 minutes into the guest – I, for the first time ever, couldn’t take another second of her screechy, crow-like voice. I’ve now listened to 131.1 programs.

  • Bogdan Onofrei

    stay AWAY!! Mylikes.com is SCAM!!