ShareFile 10 Questions from Top Investors


The “This Week in Startups” staff created a special “10 Questions from Top Investors” episode. We scoured our archive and pulled out some of the best material from our 425+ episodes. In this special episode you’ll see –

  1. David Cohen answer “What does a startup have to show to get a VC’s attention?”
  2. Chris Dixon answer “What do you think about taking money from strategic investors?”
  3. Joanne Wilson answer “How do you decide to invest in a first time entrepreneur?”
  4. Dave Mcclure answer “What are the signals you look for when meeting with an entrepreneur?”
  5. Brad Feld answer “What do you look for when making investments?”
  6. Steve Jurvetson answer “What have you learned in the last 20 years from being a VC?”
  7. Fred Wilson answer “What’s your advice to get Fred Wilson as an investor?”
  8. Kevin Rose answer “What do you think makes people want to invest in a company?
  9. Naval Ravikant answer: ”

    Why is this go small or go lean strategy the best?”

  10. Mark Suster & Eric Ries answer: “What is the biggest problem we see with entrepreneurs and the companies they start?”

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Audible iPad Mini Contest

Audible iPad Mini Contest


This Week in Startups is excited to announce another Audible iPad Mini contest! There are 2 ways to enter –

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Turnstone Furniture Contest – Win a Free Lunch with Jason Calacanis!

Turnstone Furniture Contest – Win a Free Lunch with Jason Calacanis!

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We love grinding away at our Turnstone desks and we’re excited to announce a fun contest we’re running with them.

Send a picture of you grinding away at your Turnstone desk to and be entered to win a free lunch with Jason Calacanis and a free buoy from Turnstone!


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FREE Webcam Giveaway


We’ve teamed up with GoToMeeting to run another fun contest! This one is pretty easy –

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Jason Calacanis and Kevin Pollak Launch Streaming TV Network 'This Week In'

New network closes $300k angel round, taps Mark Jeffrey as co-founder and CEO

Technology and entertainment personalities Jason Calacanis and Kevin Pollak today announced they have joined forces on a new Internet-based television network, This Week In, Inc. The startup has closed a modest angel round ($300,000) from a group of investors including Calacanis; Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink and Boingo; and Matt Coffin, founder of Podcast pioneer and former CTO, Mark Jeffrey is heading up the network as co-founder and CEO.

Calacanis explained, “The production of high-quality, live-streaming, video content has finally arrived. In the same way blogs grew from passion projects in 2005 to thriving businesses in 2009, streaming shows are poised to breakout.” Previously Calacanis launched 100 blogs with Weblogs Inc. including Engadget, Joystiq and Autoblog. Weblogs was purchased by AOL.

“I’m thrilled to be working with two visionaries like Jason and Kevin, and look forward to building a great company with them in the years to come,” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey previously co-founded social network ZeroDegrees and sold it to IAC/InterActiveCorp in 2004. He also co-founded ThePalace, Inc. in 1995 which sold to, Inc. in 1998. His first podcast novel got 2.4 million downloads, leading to a publishing deal with Harper Collins.

Building on the success of their popular, award-winning programs, This Week in Startups and Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, This Week In debuts with a promising lineup of eight shows, all professionally produced from the network’s studio in Santa Monica, Calif. and staffed by passionate hosts. The network intends to create 30 shows over the next two years. This Week In will be holding an Open Casting Call for new show hosts on Saturday, May 22, 2010 beginning at 11 am at the This Week In office located at 902 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA.

Streaming TV Network ‘This Week In’ Doubles Show Lineup

Now live streaming 15 original shows; adds entertainment block.

Just six weeks after its official launch, live Web television network, This Week In has doubled its show lineup to 15 and delivered on its promise to expand beyond technology programming.

This Week In now offers a full entertainment block on Sundays, anchored by Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. This Week in Comedy and This Week in Movies follow, hosted by personalities Ed Crasnick, Farrell Roth and Roger Erik Tinch. Additional new shows include This Week in Poker, Social Media, iPad, Video Games, and Music. To view the complete network schedule, visit

“With all the new shows, our focus is on providing valuable, real-world information that’s both well-produced and entertaining,” said Lon Harris, creative director of This Week In. “The biggest challenge is finding hosts with on-screen presence and charisma who also bring with them a wealth of knowledge and passion for their subjects.”

This Week in Startups: Shoefitr – Just The Right Size for Online Retail

Last July, during the Global TWiST meetup (#65) Shoefitr took top honors, they beat out some tough competition in particular Yoocasa. I was recently able to connect with Nick and Matt two of the founders and I thought this might be a good time to see what they’ve been up to. If you don’t remember they use 3D technology to take the pain out of sizing the right shoe when purchasing online..

Here’s the Q&A:

Can you describe Shoefitr for those who don’t know? Shoefitr is an application that shows how a shoe will fit by using 3D scanning technology to compare the internal dimensions of shoes.

Twist Top 10 Questions – Special Episode


The “This Week in Startups” staff created a special “Top 10 Twist Questions” episode. We scoured the archive and pulled out some of the best material from our 340+ episodes. In this special episode you’ll find out –

  1. Gina Bianchini answers: “Do you think there’s bias against women in Silicon Valley?”
  2. Jason Goldberg answers: “When did you know this was the company you want to do for the rest of your life?”
  3. Sarah Lacy answers: “You threw in there that I [Jason Calacanis] don’t play to my strengths….really?”
  4. Howard Lindzon answers: “How does knowing the stock market make me a better entrepreneur?”
  5. Naval Ravikant answers: “What’s your advice for submitting your project on AngelList?”
  6. Eric Ries answers “How do you know when to pivot or persevere?”
  7. Kevin Rose answers “What’s your advice to young people starting today? What makes people succeed in the space today?”
  8. Chris Sacca answers: “What does it mean to be a founder in your book? What are you looking for as an investor?”
  9. Sebastian Thrun answers: “At Google you worked on Google Glasses and the self-driving car. Did you break Sergey Brin’s heart by telling him you wanted to leave?”
  10. Fred Wilson answers: “What are you looking for in an entrepreneur?”

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