• fallobst12

    you guys are clickin!! awesome episode. The show to me really is a kind of informational comedy. simply fun to watch.
    Thanks for keeping it up!

  • David Carcamo

    One of the best episodes. Can’t wait for part 2.

  • Fantastic listen.  Filling 1 hour + with 1 on 1 conversation that is interesting the entire time is a praise worthy feat.  

  • one of the best show to date

  • observant

    there is a wooden penis statue on the desk in front of the computer not even kidding.. 

  • observant

    and i don’t get how there are 100 producers for an hour long sit down show.  it’s not that hard and there’s no editing…  even tv shows only have a handful of producers.  i don’t get it..

  • Incredible interview. Chris gave me so much to think about. I especially appreciate his realization that most deal flow comes from close personal connections rather than all the outward, ego focused personal brand building. When he said it, I realized that my situation is exactly the same and so it might be time to rethink some of my strategies. Thanks guys!