E767: Jason Goldberg (Pepo, Fab.com) introduces Simple Token for apps to launch branded crypto tokens, shares serial entrepreneur highs & lows, gaining perspective with age, & building the plumbing for a decentralized web





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about this episode

Pepo & Fab.com founder Jason Goldberg introduces Simple Token for apps to build branded tokens, bridging the gap between consumer & cryptocurrency. ¬†Jason G. walks Jason C. through what he calls the most exciting project he’s ever been involved with, now being a pioneer in the decentralized web as he was in the early day of e-commerce. With crypto can we finally fulfill the “power to the people” promise of the 1990s internet? The two also talk founder resiliency, soaring highs & devastating lows of entrepreneurship, Nick Denton & defunct Gawker, the dangers of raising too much money, the joys of living in Berlin, and much more.

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  • adam

    Does anyone remember the cost Jason G cited for the ICO process? Trying to reference this in an article I’m writing. Thanks!

  • Steve King

    Do crypto currencies always have their own value.. or can they be pegged to a ‘real’ currency like dollar or pound?… and just track that value