E553: LAUNCH Incubator 2 – Josh Elman, Greylock Partner & longtime product manager (Twitter, FB Connect, LinkedIn, RealPlayer) on 4 key aspects of growth to crush your product




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At the LAUNCH Incubator 2, Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock and longtime product manager (Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, RealPlayer), breaks down the 4 key factors you need to understand about your company and product: (1) problem: what do people want?, (2) inception: how do we make them aware?, (3) adoption: how can we get them going?, and (4) retention: how does it become a habit? Don’t miss this tactical and inspiring talk from a product pioneer!

**** See Josh’s slides: http://www.slideshare.net/joshelman/josh-elman-launch41515 ****

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  • Paul Towers

    Very refreshing episode that makes the path to user acquisition clear and concise. User acquisition in and of itself can appear to be hugely complex, however, when you break it down in a methodical manner like Josh did it makes a lot more sense.

    In addition to that I have learnt that it is all about trial and error. I actually enjoy throwing out little test campaigns to see what works so I can continue to grow, develop and iterate on my ideas.