WSGR Startup Basics: How to name your startup ?




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about this episode

What’s in a name? It’s either a literal description of your company, or it evokes something in your customer. Think: Yahoo, Google. In this edition of WSGR Startup Basics from This Week in Startups, host Jason Calacanis shares tips and tricks for finding a great name. Plus how important is the .com domain?

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  • Dionysios

    This is a great video and it can really help you to learn some basics.But if you want to see some brandable, pronounceable and trademark free names take a look there .

  • Benjamin Hoffman

    @jason nice video.

    funny how you came to wayfarr in your brainstorm session. for a minute i thought you were referring to – one of the country’s largest ecommerce websites.

    i love your videos btw. i just found this website and have definitely bookmarked it.

  • Naming is a tricky thing for many reasons. Pinterest really is a brilliant name, I agree Jason. Congrats on scoring that’s incredible, and who better to represent that beautiful domain name than you and your company! Looking forward to more issues tackled in this series, I love TWIST but this is also great because it’s usable tactics and the episodes are short for us time strapped entrepreneurs to digest.

  • thanks Jeremy, very nice of you to give solid feedback like this.

    i do think folks can fake it till them make it… getting something like or until such time they have the bankroll to buy the killer domain

  • thanks pal

  • Cate Colgan will be for sale soon :)

  • Janettwokay

    I absolutely loved what you had to say, Jason. My son and I recently had to name something and this video would have helped us tremendously at that time. I’m forwarding a link to your video to another family member who is going down this path right now. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts on this extremely important subject. Janet