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Jalak Jobanputra, Founder of FuturePerfect VC, on investing in emerging markets & technologies, & the importance of ideas that will change the world

Jalak Jobanputra,...

59 minutes ago
Gary Vaynerchuk on Crushing It in business, building a media empire, inspired investing, and making magic in the gray

Gary Vaynerchuk o...

3 days ago
Salesforce Founder & CEO Marc Benioff on the importance of philanthropy: make your company great by giving back to the community and improving the world

Salesforce Founde...

1 week ago
Inventor entrepreneur Michael Robertson (, debuts 6 Seconds, a free mobile search engine that plays songs from any radio station, in any country … with unlimited skips

Inventor entrepre...

1 week ago
Two legends, skateboarder Tony Hawk & investor Chris Sacca, on their long-time friendship, taking huge risks, hustling to success, giving back, and defining legacy

Two legends, skat...

2 weeks ago
News Roundtable! Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins: notes & lessons from the courtroom, gender bias in SV & VC culture, viva la mobile video live-streaming!, Jay Z’s Tidal polarizes

News Roundtable! ...

2 weeks ago
Periscope’s CEO/Cofounder Kayvon Beykpour on selling to Twitter, going supernova, and leading the future of live video streaming


3 weeks ago
Tumml CEO Clara Brenner, Highway1 CEO Brady Forrest & RockHealth CEO Halle Tecco share mission, strategy, diversity & what they look for in founders

Tumml CEO Clara B...

3 weeks ago
Pebble smashes Kickstarter record for the 2nd time as Founder/CEO Eric Migicovsky goes back to fans and comes up $20m

Pebble smashes Ki...

4 weeks ago
Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn, on the 5 markers of great product, monumental growth, maintaining focus, value over metrics, and what’s next for the premiere professional platform

Jeff Weiner, CEO ...

1 month ago
Glenn Beck, Founder & Host of TheBlaze, on the ways his tribe jibes with SV, & the intersections of tech, mainstream America & national interests

Glenn Beck, Found...

1 month ago
Peter Thiel (Founders Fund, PayPal, Palantir, Facebook) on being a contrarian & right investor, AI pros & cons, what makes Elon tick, drug reform, overrated trends & the polarization of wealth

Peter Thiel (Foun...

1 month ago
Kickstarter CEO & Cofounder Yancey Strickler on revolutionizing entrepreneurship, why he’ll never sell or go public, preserving creative & financial integrity, and promoting a global vision

Kickstarter CEO &...

1 month ago
Renowned VC Fred Wilson shares insights on his stars (Twitter, Kickstarter, Tumblr), the great VCs, USV’s focus, his blogging passion, our economy, the future, & his own personality

Renowned VC Fred ...

1 month ago
Innovative health apps: KurboHealth fights childhood obesity & HealthIQ increases health literacy

Innovative health...

1 month ago


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