E106: This Week in Startups : Gil Elbaz, founder of Factual.com




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about this episode

Fact: This Week in Startups has an amazing guest this week. We’re sitting down with Gil Elbaz the Founder of Factual.com to discuss his new project. BTW his old project was this little old thing called Applied Semantics which Google Bought and turned into Adsense. You Definitely want to hear what he has to say.

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1:00-6:00     Jason Opens the show

7:00-8:00    What is Factual.com

8:00-11:00   How does Licensing and Creative Commons work on the site?

11:00-13:00 Why would someone pick the Factual Service?

13:00-16:00  Factual is the “Switzerland” of Data, not a destination site

16:00-25:00  Gils Background and a re-cap of his last company Applied Semantics

25:00-28:00  How Google found out about Applied Semantics and how they incorporated it into Google

28:00-29:00  Why Gil still works after making a fortune

29:00-31:00  Any listings for Marijuana Dispensaries?

31:00-33:00  What knowledge did GIl take to Factual.com from Applied Semantics?

Mail Chimp Ad

37:00 47:00  ASK JASON

DNA Mail Ad

50:00-1:06   News with Kathy Choi


Qik Acquired by Skype
Facebook Valued at $50 Billion

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  • “I’m addicted to this roller coaster” – quote of the episode.

  • Tyler what is up with the Puffer jacket, is it freezing cold in the studio? Jason looks professional, and you look more like someone who walked into the studio by mistake. PS. love the show, watched a good 90 episode and it thisweekin startups in the best podcast on the web!

  • Jason, I can’t see Apple doing it because they are a hardware company at heart, and if they limit what runs on the Mac OS, they’re cutting their own neck. Also, I imagine that this would become an antitrust issue.

  • Data isn’t really a sexy business but man is it ever lucrative! Solid show, thanks to the sponsors for funding everything! I love MailChimp personally!

  • Where’s the link to download MP3 file!?

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