E108: This Week in Startups : Avner Ronen, Founder of Boxee




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about this episode

This week we talk the demise of Traditional Television with CEO and Founder of Boxee.tv Avner Ronen. And Special Guest Mark Thompson brings us the news.


5:00-6:00   Go To Meeting Ad

6:00-7:00   Jason talks about the power of Boxee

7:00-10:00   Avner explains What Boxee is and who uses it

10:00-11:00   How is Boxee different than i-Tunes

11:00-13:00   Is there room for Boxee in the market

13:00-15:00   Avners take on adding a DVR feature to Boxee

15:00-17:00  Bit Torrents and Boxee

17:00-18:00  Boxees beef with the TV industry

18:00-20:00  Deals with Hulu and others

20:00-21:00  Video Games on Boxee

21:00-22:00  Managing International Content on Boxee

22:00-23:00  How TIVO failed consumers

23:00-24:00  Boxee and Android

24:00-27:00  Legality of Ripping DVD’s on Boxee

27:00-28:00  The state of the Company

28:00-29:00  Future of Boxee and Google TV

30:00-32:00  Boxee on Linux and other Products

32:00-33:00  Why make a complicated company like Boxee

33:00- 34:00  Best Things and Places to Watch on Boxee

35:00-37:00   What Does Boxee Cost?

37:00-38:00   Avner Goodbye

40:00    DNA MAIL AD

42:00-47:00   Ask Jason “How do I pick an Investor”

52:00-1:03:00   News with Mark Thompson

TripIt Bags An ExIt – Acquired By Concur For Up To $120 Million

Apple Obtains Patent For Solar-Powered Devices

Justin Bieber URL Shortener Bieber.ly Shuts Down After Cease And Desist

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Follow Boxee on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/Boxee

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  • Anonymous

    I vote that Jason does more drugs before each show, because he was really bringing it today

  • Great episode, Jason’s response to the last news story was very inspiring

  • Jason is on fire today!

  • Anonymous

    Robitussin and codine as a sponsor? That would be awesome!

  • spencer

    “We need to lower the barrier of video consumption difficulty” lol. I think people are going to evolve into Jaba the Hut like creatures with a never-ending video stream.