E112: This Week in Startups with Anthony Casalena, Founder of Squarespace




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about this episode

This week Skyping in all the way from the Big Apple, Founder of Squarespace Anthony Casalena. Learn how he took a  30k investment from his father and turned it into a $100 million dollar company.


6:00                    GoToMeeting Ad

8:00-10:00        Intro to Anthony Casalenas. Why did you start SquareSpace in such a competitive Market in 2007?

11:00-13:00       What are the special features of your product?

13:00-15:00       How did SquareSpace Grow ?

15:00-16:00       How do Premium Service Levels work at SS?

16:00-21:00       Why NY and not Silicon Valley?

21:00-23:00      SS business model and how to Craft a Web experience

24:00-28:00     How did SquareSpace raise 38.5 million?

28:00-30:00     Who invested in the company?

30:00-34:00     How Does SquareSpace market and promote their product?

34:00-36:00     SoHo offices

36:00-40:00     Whats new from SquareSpace? Version 6!!

41:00-44:00      Company Strategy: Surprise and Delight

44:00-45:00      Tylers secret project

45:00-46:00      Goodbye to Anthony

47:00-55:00      Ask Jason


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Follow SquareSpace on Twitter:   www.Twitter.com/squarespace

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  • dogeye

    Pretty crappy that Anthony didn’t share any of the equity in his company with his employees, even those there from the start.

  • Storenvy is pretty sweet man.

  • The other problem with open source, is that it lacks the culture you will find
    in successfull organization such as Apple, 37Signals …
    This lack of culture in Open Source is often reflected into shipped software and services around it …

  • Corbett

    You attached yourself to my video, I intend to file a DMCA complaint against your site—I am turning this over to legal—you cockroaches can feed on someone else

  • Rob

    What exactly are you talking about?

  • Go on…

  • Anonymous

    interesting insight in regards to how ecommerce sights are embracing the content sites strategy, never looked at it this way

  • Yyhujkl

    Saying no to tons of companies that can be the next big thing?

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  • Ryan

    Nice interview! Stated Magazine (www.statedmag.com) has just posted an interesting interview with Anthony as well at http://bit.ly/StatedCasalena

  • Anthony Casalenas was a good guest!

    However, around the 49 minute mark Jason makes a very inaccurate comment about Rick Warren hating gays. This is the second show I’ve seen in the past two days where Jason made an insulting and inaccurate comment related to Christians. The other show was on 10/18/11.