About this Episode

This week Skyping in all the way from the Big Apple, Founder of Squarespace Anthony Casalena. Learn how he took a  30k investment from his father and turned it into a $100 million dollar company.


6:00                    GoToMeeting Ad

8:00-10:00        Intro to Anthony Casalenas. Why did you start SquareSpace in such a competitive Market in 2007?

11:00-13:00       What are the special features of your product?

13:00-15:00       How did SquareSpace Grow ?

15:00-16:00       How do Premium Service Levels work at SS?

16:00-21:00       Why NY and not Silicon Valley?

21:00-23:00      SS business model and how to Craft a Web experience

24:00-28:00     How did SquareSpace raise 38.5 million?

28:00-30:00     Who invested in the company?

30:00-34:00     How Does SquareSpace market and promote their product?

34:00-36:00     SoHo offices

36:00-40:00     Whats new from SquareSpace? Version 6!!

41:00-44:00      Company Strategy: Surprise and Delight

44:00-45:00      Tylers secret project

45:00-46:00      Goodbye to Anthony

47:00-55:00      Ask Jason


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