About this Episode

Tony Conrad joins us to talk about his latest startup About.me and how he sold to AOL 4 days after launching. Plus the inside scoop on what it takes to be a successful VC.

2:00-4:00      Go to Meeting ad
4:00-5:00      Are you an Entrepreneur or a V.C. ?
5:00-6:00      What does it mean to be founder centric?
6:00-8:00      How long were you at WordPress and how did it form?
8:00-9:00      What should a board be focused on? Product?
9:00-10:00    Why did you found About.me
10:00-12:00  Tell us more about TrueVenture
12:00-15:00  How did you pitch entrepreneurs and break em down?
15:00-18:00  Angel Investors manufacturing Drama
18:00-19:00  Spray and Pray
19:00-22:00  How to invest in Companies
22:00-26:00  Russia and Communists
27:00-30:00  YCombinator and why they;re successful
30:00-37:00  About About.me
37:00-41:00  How to be a disciplined V.C.
42:00-45:00  How he sold About.me to AOL


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