E054: with Tim Young




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about this episode

Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups with guest Tim Young, Founder and CEO of Socialcast.

0:00:26   Memorial Day 2010

0:00:40 Non –CGI produced bags under my eyes.  I look like Mike Arrington

0:00:55 Going to Power Through the show Great guest, ask jason, shark tank

0:01:14  Discussion on TechCrunch Disrupt

0:02:28  Launch Conference in 2011

0:03:55  Guest Tim Young, Founder and CEO SocialCast

0:04:27  Ask Jason – Foo Yee

Question: Not the expert computer scientist look around for projects and build on other’s project.  Game engines interesting but lack social features….can I build on top of open source game engines?

0:09:55 next week will have details for The  Launch Conference

0:10:10 “Little nuggets that people do not know about”

0:10:20  Sponsor Break

0:10:30   Tim Young “We are a DNAMail customer”

0:12:12  “Tim, this is your 3rd company?  Someone will pitch us in this segment.  Has someone every taken their BlackBerry out during any of your pitches?”

0:12:40  During the Open Angel Forum tell people “do not take your BlackBerry out when someone is pitching their idea, give them 5 minutes.”

0:13:09  Jason’s Shark Tank – Scott Annan from Network Hippo

0:15:47 Feedback from chatroom

0:16:05  Tyler’s rating

0:16:40 Tim’s rating

0:17:25  Jason’s rating

0:21:20  “Don’t pay to pitch”

0:23:05  Jason on DEMO and guerrilla thinking

0:26:15  Sponsor Break

0:27:25  Our guest, Tim Young, Founder & CEO of Socialcast.

0:28:15  Tim:  “We build a real time collaboration for employees, focus around activity stream content.  Streams digitizing human culture.”

0:41:15  World of Warcraft (WOW) as next metaphor?

0:41:25  Game mechanics productivity

0:42:40  Will people get burnt out on game mechanics?

0:45:10  What is Pumpinkhead?

0:48:50  Question from chatroom: “Do you think all these games are ultimately going to hurt the advancement of our society?  Seems like a LOT of wasted time.”

0:49:25  How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

0:54:30  What are you going to do with $8M?

0:56:24  What is the common DNA of your company?

0:57:37  Mastery discussion

0:58:20  Question from chatroom: “When i was at the socialcast HQ (startup pubcrawl) it seemed bit boring compared to other startups. can we get a pitch on why social cast is a good place to work?”

1:01:18  What is your academic background?

1:02:33 MBA’s good employees?

1:05:32  NEWS with Lon Harris

TC Disrupt Discussion

1:09:28  Insights from Tyler – “Eating Tacos in a Tuxedo”

1:10:20 For the Launch Conference will stay true to format of TC50

1:14:57 Carol Bartz to Arrington:  F—k Off

What do you think of her response and was it called for?

1:18:09 Request to speak of new Digg from the chatroom

1:20:42   Fake BP Public Relations Twitter @BPGlobalPR and real Twitter Account @BP_America

Good satire or too dark considering catastrophe still ongoing? Why is Twitter is not taking this down?  Grew out of Ebert Tweeting about it.

1:29:55   BlockChalk Geo Location Company.  Raised $1M in Seed Financing.  Leaves notes (chalks) in your neighborhood.

1:33:40  Jesus has just checked in to Santa Monica Apple Store

1:34:00  Sponsor Break

use TWiST code and Get 25%

1:34:31  Startup Meetup on June 8th at 6 pm PDT.  Please sign up here and also contact lon [at] thisweekin [dot] com to coordinate Skype Call if your group has over 10 people.

1:36:00     Want to be a guest on Ask Jason or the Shark Tank?

This Week in Android: 4pm PDT Fridays (right after this show!)

This Week in Venture Capital: 2 pm PDT Wednesdays

1:36:39  Entrepreneurial tech block Friday & Sunday Entertainment block

1:36:53  Last Saturday we had Open Casting Calls you can watch the videos here and here.

1:37:24  Tim Young congrats on your success!

1:38:15  The  Launch Conference Contest info

1:39:44  Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

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  • Great show, enjoyed the brief discussion on TC:Disrupt as well. I believe Disrupt and TheLaunchConference will begin to diverge in overall theme as the years go by and people will notice that difference, but launch will probably be better ;)

  • Really excellent program guys. One of my favorites to date.

  • Enjoyed the show for only getting 2 hours of sleep. Great job Jason. I thought the 60 second presenter did a good job so much so that I payed a visit to the website and signed up.

    Jason Coffeee
    My website Coffee knowledge and Reviews.

  • Great episode! Very excited for the launch conference!

  • Persona development and ethnographic research is key. That's great to hear it's working for big startups. Industrial Designer and Interaction Designers use it too, it's a great way to break down demographics into something that extends beyond basic user scenarios and helps imagine extreme users and eventually everyone in between.

  • 0:47:56
    Mr. Calacanis: “I feel like I am being left out :(“
    Mr. Young: “Yeah.”

  • Mr. Calacanis, I enjoy your program. You've created a quality product. But the language used in this episode was assaulting, unnecessary and added no value.

    My family and I were streaming your program over Stitcher on my Blackberry as we headed home from a little league baseball game when we were lambasted with your foul language.

    I'm raising my children to be entrepreneurs and independent thinkers. I considered your show a tool to that end. But this past weekend I believe your program did more harm than good.

    Will I be able to listen to future programs publicly without embarrassment or should I abandon your show?

    ~ Paul Luckett

  • Carl

    Foul language is just a tool to emphasize passion – something used effectively to make a point about BP's leadership.

  • As I mentioned here – http://screenshoots.deepshiftlabs.com/2010/03/2… if you guys will revert your show headings to start with guest (not host – no matter how cool he is) like:

    “Our guest Tim Young, Founder and CEO of Socialcast. Show host is Jason Calacanis.”

    Your home page will become more informative, I think.

  • Pumpkinhead was the codename for the website now known as About.me, which was recently purchased by AOL. I really didn’t understand why so many investors were clamoring over this site, and why you need a “dream team” to build it. Also, it is almost identical to Flavors.me.

    I think I have a better idea of the potential for About.me after rewatching this episode (45 minutes in) and coupling it with something Gary Vaynerchuck said in Episode #24 about Facebook. Gary said the future of Facebook is that it will work like your drivers license. I take this to mean that your Facebook login will be your universal ID to access the web.

    FB is in a great spot to achieve this. Your social graph is a great incentive to use your real identity and not screw around. Fake user accounts are easy to spot on FB. You can’t do this with Twitter. Possibly the only service that could challenge FB as a universal identifier would be something like About.me.

    If I still don’t get it, enlighten me at peter at peterjhart dot com :)