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Jason’s guest on this week’s show was everyone’s favorite Twittering wine guy, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary has a new book out (Crush It!) detailing how to turn your passions into businesses and achievements. Of course Gary and Jason are both very passionate speakers (and very engaging) so check out the full episode to see this amazing level of energy.

Special Note: Due to Gary Vee’s vernacular, this episode contains a number of swear words that have not been edited out.

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  • JimW

    Had to hit the stop button after the disappointing public reprimand of Alex. Usually I thoroughly enjoy/learn from the show, but had to stop following the unprofessional private matter made public. In addition, the comparisons to Tyler seemed a bit over the top. Not sure if I agree that embarrassment/humiliation are effective motivators.

    However, love what you do for the community and thanks for your contributions.

  • (Me, rising out of my seat, arms in the air, doing that snapping motion whereby my index and middle fingers slap each other): “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….!”

    This is TWiST. Energy, positivity and useful, actionable insight for entrepreneurs. May this episode be the yardstick by which future shows are judged.

    Still too long, mind you.

    (I can’t actually do the finger slapping thing. Anyone know how to do that?)

  • Not long enough! I love the Gary V segment, but you guys must watch the last 20 minutes after Gary leaves. It is one of those unexpected, spontaneous, exchanges, unplanned, that is probably one of, if not the, most insightful segments of video I’ve ever seen on the internet. It could have gone on another 30 minutes as far as I’m concerned.
    What someone can learn from just that last 20 minutes is invaluable.

  • Chris Paul

    @Chris Advansun, hehe, just yell “oh snap” and nobody will notice. I thought it was a great episode, too. I think there might have been a couple episodes that were longer. I mean, it’s Gary V… is there such a thing as too long? I wish he could have stayed! Get him back on the show… for a full 2 hour “Ask Jason/Gary” segment. Would be awesome.

  • “Get off the bitch train and start” Totally needs to be a #TWiST t-shirt.

  • Concerned

    I wasn’t going to post but based on the previous comment, I can see that there are probably going to be a ton of bandwagoneers who are going to haphazardly start regurgitating words/phrases that they heard without putting any of it into context. The point of the question was to illicit a thoughtful response from Jason and Gary. If a startup founder is looking to move forward with a concept and sees a huge fork in the road representing two totally different directions, then he’s probably not bitching about having two options. He’s probably trying to decide which holds the most opportunity. “Get off the bitchtrain,” is a cool poppy phrase and I’m glad that everyone is so quick to wave their “bitchtrain” flag and sing their bitchtrain anthem, BUT did we even find out what the caller’s concepts were or what his background was? Maybe he had two really solid concepts…maybe he didn’t. Jason and Gary poking those concepts for validity would have helped. Most of the time Jason invites a caller to talk offline further…missed that this time. Maybe the caller had a business management/finance background and a few great concepts but lacked a technical/development background. Not everyone has several million dollars and a few developers in their pocket, are looking to “just” start a blog, or are well connected. Without a solid cofounder that can make moving forward with an idea expensive…not to mention changing directions can cost even more (based on the third caller’s question, Jason and Gary both agreed spending a ton of cash isn’t the way to go). Offering the caller some advice on meeting a cofounder or failing fast and cheap may have been beneficial. The chat room wasn’t very kind to the caller either. Where’s the support? Where’s the spirit of community and networking? Unless you’re directly competing against another startup, shouldn’t we be supportive and looking to help everyone to succeed. You never know where you might find your next cofounder, employee, sales lead, etc… The chat room sounded more like a bunch of drunken trust fund cowboys than intelligent/ambitious entrepreneurs. F-bombs and bitchtrains may be what the cool kids are all about these days but I’d rather run with the lame successful, insightful, intelligent startup crowd.

  • This has been by far the most entertaining show yet. Thanks again guys for helping the rest of the world outside of the bubble. Jason, Alex, and Tyler you guys are started to feel like family. Great show!!!!

  • Great show guys. The energy was just phenomenal!

    I’m using your advice for my startup http://www.spectives.com ! (by the way, I listen to the podcast biking through Amsterdam every day)

  • Don’t want this to come off as spam. A friend of mine, Joe Polish did an hour long interview with Gary Vaynerchuk for a member only service called Genius Network Interview Series. I’ve got permission to share that interview with anyone on my blog.
    No opt in. No charge. Just a way to hopefully help Gary crush it with his book sales.

  • Cody

    Jason mentions TWIST is going to make $250,000 in it’s first year. How is that? They have 4 sponsors, and has mentioned that each sponsor pays $1000 an episode. Where does the extra money come from?

  • scott schlichter

    How can I have a subscription and notification as new shows roll out?

  • Adam Krapish

    Hey I watched 1/2 the show yesterday but got too busy at work to continue. So I wanted to watch the second half today, but there is no way to fastword or skip a chapter or anything so I have to restart from the beginning. Maybe look into adding something like that in the future.

  • @Scott: Try subscribing in iTunes.

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  • Good show, lots of energy! Congrats on your book doing so well Gary V. I agree with Adam K. jump points would be nice, have a look at the new Diggnation episodes for a great example.

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  • I love that Gary is so nuts and amped-up that Jason seems speechless. So many of the other entrepreneurs have almost not energy compared to these guys! WOOT!

  • Great blog! I liked the info you contained in it. I would have never found this site if I did not find it Googling random things!

  • Gary mentioned that there’s an opportunity to redo online forums. Stack Overflow (www.stackoverflow.com) is the closest so far to redesigning an online forum. It’s a Q&A engine, which is really the format of an online forum. They have a hosted solution called Stack Exchange where people can build their own Q&A site on a different topic. The site is clean and user friendly. It’s much easier to use than standard online forums (phpBB, vBulletin).

  • Anthony

    @Garyvee : Just watch you on TWiST. Extremely insightful!!! Rating = 12

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  • wesy2kn1

    Can't believe I missed this episode. All caught up now. Gary V. you are simply amazing man. I'll be honest man I haven't followed you much until now because I just thought you were into wine. Boy was I mistaken. You're the @#$% keep it up.

  • I used to think that everyone looked boring next to Jason. However GaryV makes Jason look a little boring. Really cool to see two dynamic people interacting…as opposed to…

  • chabunkazur

    Two most brilliant minds.. crazy and brilliant.. AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    get off the bitch train
    at 0:12:40

  • SZinsmeister

    Gary V. is unbelievably inspiring. The energy and passion that he emotes is truly contagious.

  • Anonymous

    glad you enjoyed the show, and thank you for watching!
    On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Echo <

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  • Paul Towers

    Great discussion and another favorite. Gary offers a lot of great insight and in particular I enjoyed the discussion on “sweat equity” around the 28 minute mark. As Gary and Jason discuss simply getting funding and using money to add “fuel” to the fire doesn’t guarantee success, much like throwing fuel on a fire. If you don’t manage it right you will just end up with a chard log. And further to that, don’t use the “if I only had $x” then I could make it work. Real Entrepreneurs will hustle and grind their way to success.