Episode 25: with Mark Suster

TWiST - E025




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about this episode


Joining Jason on this week’s episode of TWiST is LA-based venture capitalist Mark Suster.  Mark is a highly experienced VC with GRP Partners – he’s also an entrepreneur who built and sold two companies before starting with GRP.  If you want to talk to someone who knows about building, funding and selling companies, Mark is your man.  He’s also a fixture in the LA tech community, frequently appearing at events and counseling local startups.

Tune in to see how Mark got his start and the advice he has for entrepreneurs of today.  And what do you think his take is on the entire angel controversy….

Just a quick reminder, no episode this week as Jason is in NYC for the Audience Conference (giving his final keynote ever).  But we’ll be back the week after with 2 episodes, including one live from San Francisco!  See you then!

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