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This week’s guest was Phil Kaplan co-founder of Blippy.  Highlights of the show included a great discussion with Phil about what it’s like to work as Entrepreneur in Residence, another great Tyler quote and multiple giveaways (5 Jawbone ICONs, 1 Nexus One, $500 MicroSoft prize pack (congrats Erika)).


  • A new show This Week in Android (@TWiAndroid) hosted by Mark Jeffrey showcasing everything android will follow TWiST each week.  To catch it live stay on the same Ustream page for TWiST.
  • A new Bing Shark Tank contest is announced, I’ll post all the details in a blog post, needless to say submit your ideas for Jason’s Shark Tank, that is step one.

In the Ask Jason segment, Wayne calls in to ask, what is more important to investors being in a hot sector or having a proven revenue model?  Jason follows up with a good question asking Phil how he chose who would be an investor in Blippy due to the large interest.  In Shark Tank we get to hear pitches from Propadoo and Brand-Yourself, two great ideas who received a ton of feedback.

In the news:

I would like to start compiling Tyler quotes can you help me by adding them in the comments.

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  • Ricardo Oliveira

    Videos not working on my mac…


  • Saad

    Why is the audio quality so bad, especially on itunes.

  • Saad

    sorry, I ment video quality not audio, it looks really bad especially on my 22″

  • Dominik Grabiec

    Is it me or is the video really out of sync from the audio in this episode? Both on the Youtube and the blip.tv version. Like a second or more out of sync.

  • Dominik Grabiec

    Actually it’s only out of sync for 15-20 minutes or so at the start of the video. The rest of it seems fine at the moment.

  • Thank you for providing the MP3 as well!

  • We will fix it! thanks for pointing it out… also, it’s not super high quality huh?

  • Yeah, video quality was much lower than usual, although still watchable. After all it is a free podcast. :)

    I must say, Phil is easily my favorite guest so far. In many ways he reminds of myself. Especially in regards to his sleep schedule and his reasoning for doing things. Keep the great work!

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  • Dan

    mp3 doesn’t download on iTunes and not off this site? What’s wrong?

  • Dan – I’ll bring it to Emily’s attention.

  • Dan – The audio file has been replaced let us know if you have any issues.

  • Dan

    Great thanks for the fix, just got it off of iTunes today.

  • OOOOOOuch! The file linked to under the link “Download” (http://vod01.netdna.com/vod/twistpodcast.twist/TWiST-Episode_37_PhilKaplan.mp3) is 1.3gb for a 2 hour audio file ?!??!!! It should be no larger than 100mb!

    That just used HALF of my internet traffic allowance for the whole month in New Zealand. This is about the 4th problem I have had with the site changeover. I’m getting pretty close to giving up.

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  • Paul Towers

    Great discussion around the 1hr 33 min mark for Entrepreneurs when raising cash. The first thing you need to ask is can my investor make at least a 10x return from here. If the answer is no then they are not going to be interested as the upside just isn’t enough given the risk and their need to have 2 or 3 big hits to make up for the 70 – 90% of companies that will fail.
    Was also interesting to hear about Blippy and how they were approaching the roll out of their product and business model.