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about this episode

Jason’s guest this week was Niel Robertson, Founder and CEO of Trada a PPC marketplace that allows agencies and in-house advertisers to leverage the skills of hundreds of the best PPC experts in the world, who in turn earn money risk free by generating low-cost clicks and conversions for advertisers.

00:00:45  Emergency dinner in SFO was the reason for no TWiST last week

00:01:00  Apology goes out to Ethan Anderson of Redbeacon, the only two show we have had to cancel he was the guest

00:02:40  Jason apologizes to all the fans who missed the show last week but it was necessary

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00:04:15  Jason expresses his concern with Generation Y and feels they lack the killer instinct to succeed and that participation doesn’t count.

00:10:40  Tyler mentions that Japan has gone through the same problems

00:13:40  Jason believes that Generation X will be considered the best generation along side “The Greatest Generation

00:14:50  Generation Y technology knowledge is great

00:17:30  Not referencing the Hacker News crowd or the entrepreneurs crushing it but all the others

00:18:40  Gladiator clip

00:21:30  If you are Generation Y you need to get your friends to watch This Week In Startups

00:22:30  Ask Jason: Jeff Lunt calls in to ask, what is the best way to register your business an online service or a lawyer?

00:28:00  Legal formation and accounting two of the most important issues, if not set up properly from the start it is expensive to correct

00:30:00  Niel shares that he has had more trouble not having a good accountant

Soon launching WebSpy Soho – Easily monitor Home & Small Network bandwidth usage, Internet connection speed and much more – Test Alpha version

00:34:33  50th episode will be at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View

00:35:20  Shark Tank, Thomas Pedersen pitches OneLogin, an enterprise SSO the securely connects you to all your apps with one click, rating Jason (8:7-8), Niel (8-9:7-8), Tyler (7.5:8.5)

00:46:55  100 applicants for Open Angel Forum, NYC

00:48:00  Virgin America

00:53:00  Denver / Boulder startup scene and what got it going

00:57:00 What Brad Feld meant to the movement

00:58:00  The benefits of being in a 2nd tier tech startup city

01:00:00  VigLink affiliate program

01:02:00  Problems with being in SFO as a startups, money goes twice as far in Boulder

01:04:00  Talent in Boulder just as good but less opportunities

01:05:00  Trada, launched 2 weeks ago but have been working on it for 18 months, paid search campaigns are time consuming to do well and they have figured out a way to expertsource projects

01:06:00  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the paid search results on the side and top of Google search results

01:08:00  SEM is challenging because a seperate auction is used for each keyword

01:10:00  Trada approach bring experts to you and the marketplace, you define what you want to spend and the wisdom of the crowd prevails

01:13:00  Pay for performance model, businesses recieve feedback on how to improve their site

01:16:00  What motivates people, Richard Bartle study

01:21:00  Trada “Hat Trick”

01:27:00  Trada, Hack-a-thon and walk in others shoes program

01:29:00  S-Curve discussion

01:33:00  What You Got Here You Won’t Get You There

01:38:00  Why Google changed box size

01:39:00  Insights From Tyler, It’s Like A Deer Farm, produces dough and brings in all the bucks

01:40:00  News with Lon Harris

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01:50:00 iPad App Store

01:55:00  Tyler a late adopter of tech toys

01:56:00  Is iPad a mainstrem device?

01:55:00  Message to Apple Fanboys and girls, don’t walk and use the iPad

01:58:00  If Old Spice made ads for Apple, video

02:00:00  iPad Reviews

02:03:00  Message to Arthur Sulzberger

02:09:00  WSJ app cost $17.29/month

02:14:00  Postling

02:16:00  Social Media discussion

02:19:00  ZenDesk, CEO tweeted Niel’s post and he was amazed at response.

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  • Wanted to watch TWiST #47 on YouTube but say “This video contains content from paramount_vfp, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    Paramount & YouTube #FAIL

    Why not put an Ad on it at let the receiving end Paramount?

  • Nicholas Lombardy

    Thank you! I am a part of “generation Y”, and I needed to hear that. I lack a work ethic, and although, I have ideas for what the future should be like, I lack the motivation to move beyond talk. I have always been told that I was very bright, and until transferring into a private school last year, remained a competitive student without much effort. I don’t know how to change from the mentality that I should be rewarded for my intelligence and not my merit, but I will have to try.

    A fan of your work (especially TWiT),
    Nicholas Lombardy

  • Saad

    youtube not working
    the blip.tv keeps crashing my browser or getting stuck
    itunes wont let me download the episode

    Anyway to watch this episode?

  • Need to wait till they’ve reupped the episode without the Gladiator movie snipped.

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  • I think this quote relates to what you are saying about ALL OF Gen Y. Maybe you could use this when talking and trying to inspire people to change.

    “Now I may be a mean cuss. But I’m the same mean cuss with everybody out there on that football field. The world don’t give a damn about how sensitive these kids are……… You ain’t doin’ these kids a favor by patronizing them. You’re crippling them; You’re crippling them for life.”

    –Coach Boone in Remember the Titans

    If you want them to perform and not just participate, show them what a great performance looks like! IMO, America has gotten weak. Bring back the toughness.

  • This is the third or 4th show, I’ve seen.

    This comment is about Jason’s rant.

    OMG, I am a fan forever. Finally , someone who has the balls, to tell it like it is.

    I have had such unbelievable experiences with the Gen Y. I thought that it was just me. You made my day.

    I am a new fan!

  • Big fan of the show and Jason is always both entertaining and smart-ish in a way that’s pretty enjoyable to view.

    But what the heck does he care about “generations” as a whole? He labelled himself a libertarian previously, why worry about the “future” of “the country” or “the generation”? What is meant by a “generation-farmville or generation-modernwarfare” — there is no such thing. First of all I know that many hard-working people (myself excluded) wind down with this stuff and when you just look at their FB feed it may look as if this is all they do — and for those who are real “slackers” they will always exist and do in poor societies and rich, free ones and authoritarian. Before there was Farmville, there was TV for them, or a pub, other stuff. It’s a state of mind that’s as universal and eternal as others — he can’t be serious about all this generation worrying. So if the future is Americans as farmers working for the Chinese — what does he care? “May the best win”, no matter their generation, country or other such tripe. I think he just needed to generate some traffic here, or I don’t know what’s going on.

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  • Awesome episode. Though the interview was great, I felt personally vindicated by hearing Jason “rant” about Generation Y. They really do feel like they are entitled. I recently did a performance assessment of one of my subordinates, a Gen Y’er. The reaction I got, when I did not give a 10 out of 10, was so off base, I had to blog about it. They need to stop drinking the damn Kool-Aid and get to work!

    Generation Y, I’m sorry if you all were coddled as children and adults. I’m sorry nobody told you there are winners and losers in life. I’m sorry if you were misinformed.

    Fortunately, there is a cure and I have your prescription: Get off your asses. Get to work. Work hard. No, better yet, work damn hard! Only then will I consider giving you anything more than 5 out of 10. If you thank the TWiST sponsors, I will consider giving you a 6.

    Jason, I hope the newsletter goes out the door soon. I really want to hear the back-story on this.

    Best Regards,


  • Børre Jensen

    How do I subscribe to these TWiST (podcast version) if I DON’T have an iPod/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever??
    RSS feed please?
    I have had iTunes on my PC before, and it’s never going back in…


  • Scott Simko

    Børre – Here you go, we are having some work done and I’ll be sure to add this issue to the list.


    RSS Feeds – Audio

    RSS Feeds – Video

    Videos are also available on YouTube

  • I’ve seen a few TWiST shows now and I have to say that this is one of the most interesting that I’ve seen.

    The conversation about motivation is clearly what drives communities and users in general. “Expertsourcing” is an interesting concept that really makes me think about the application of users in a crowdsource system.

    Excellent conversation and another great show.

  • How about a smaller file size then 1 gig.

  • Great interview and great product. Started to recommend it in my network and will use Trada for sure for my next campaigns.

  • Justin

    That rant about generation Y sounded like every rant old people have ever made about the younger generation in the history of civilization.

    “Our generation is hard working and deserves what we get, your generation is a bunch of lazy kids.”

    Talk about cliche.

  • Hi. I’m an avid listener from the beginning.

    I’ve just got back from business, and I’m having trouble with the transition to the new site. I use juice to download the podcast as mp3s. I’ve switched to ‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/twist-audio’ as the feed, but it is listing all the same .mp4 files as the ‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/twistvid’ feed. I only use audio, and I can’t get the videos as we only have a handful of gb of traffic per month in New Zealand. I do not install iTunes on my machines – I use QuickTime Alternative and love it.

    I want to keep listing, please help me out.

    P.S. It took me ages to find the link to ‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/twist-audio’ too – I thought the about button would be for the whole site, so I did not think it would be relevant. I suspect that is why no one else has found it / reported the problem yet. I also suspect you are loosing a lot of listeners – especially the following you already had on the old site. The changeover was handled badly – most people but a 1 minute podcast entry at the end of the old feed to explain the changeover.

    The comment page seemed broken, so I have posted here too.

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  • Tom

    Awesome, awesome show! Dead on with the Gen Y/bail out generation. “Try your best, if you fail, someone will bail you out.” One of the best guests yet. Really enjoy the show! Keep it going Jason. Love that you talk about great ideas!

  • iMobileRescue

    Good points on the Gen Y stuff. We operate under a couple of philosophies, and one of them certainly is.. you are not entitled. EVER! (unless you hustle your face off and create results)