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about this episode

Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups for his 50th episode!

00:00:30  Welcome to the Twistees Award

00:02:50  Best Pitch
-Timeshare Juice

Winner: MusicTrainer

00:05:00  Best Story
-Jason’s anecdote about stealing from his father’s bar
-Jason not getting on the real Shark Tank
-The entire story of his life on the Penn State show
-Shaking hands with Woz

Winner: The entire story of his life on the Penn State show

Provides fully hosted / managed Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps e-mail

00:08:20  Best guest story next year

00:08:35  Best Comment
-Gary V: “Get off the bitch train”
-David Heinemeier Hansson: “The only thing that matters in the end, is profit. Market share doesn’t matter. It matters if it leads to profits, otherwise it doesn’t matter.”
-Jason, Never get High on your own supply
-Jason, Starting is easy, finishing is hard
-Jason, the best equity, sweat equity

Winner:  Gary Vaynerchuk. “Get off the bitch train”

00:12:10  Best Question
-Jason asking Roelof what did he likes and dislike about Jason
-How do you defend yourself against a big competitor?
-Help my PC repair business is failing
-Joel Spolsky, should I shop around after I have a top tier VC interested?

Winner:  Help my PC repair business is failing

Soon launching WebSpy Soho – Easily monitor Home & Small Network bandwidth usage, Internet connection speed and much more – Test Alpha version

00:15:10  Best Tyler Insight
-Google is now a content company
-It’s like Rocket Surgery
-It’s like a deer farm
-It’s like a wheelchair at Disneyland
-It’s like Japanese Jazz
-It’s like a homeless hottie in a hip hop club
-It’s like shaking hands with Woz
-It’s like betting against the Mayans

Winner:  It’s like a wheelchair at Disney

00:18:20  Best Jason Rant
-Memo to Apple fanboys
-Gen Y speech
-Facebook privacy issues
-Keiretsu Forum
-Lower Merion School District privacy invasion

Winner:  Keiretsu Forum

00:23:15  Best Guest
-Brad Feld
-Gary Vaynerchuk
-Mark Suster
-Ryan Block and Peter Rojas
-David Sacks
-Dr. Goulston
-Michael Robertson
-Brandon Kessler

Winner:  Gary Vaynerchuk

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00:26:50  PowerVPS and DNAmail, cake

00:29:00  If you would like to have a chance at winning a TwiST 50th Commenmorative t-shirt, go to PowerVPS’s Facebook page for details

00:31:00 Staff Favorite moments, Best SFX award goes to JMac and Krute

00:32:40  Cory – Gen Y rant

00:33:50  Mike Bracco – when John Humphrey pointed out Tylers insight at SxSW “It’s like going out for drinks and not going back to her place”

00:36:00  Lon, TWiST #16 – How to use a telephone to call info

00:38:00  Learned helpless rant

00:40:00  News with Lon Harris

00:41:00  HP buys Palm will it be successful?  No others in the space are guggernauts (Android and iPhone OS)

00:43:00  JasonNation to sign up for newsletter

00:44:20  Jason’s been offered to do a book but is unsure he wants the book to be timeless if he writes one

00:45:30  iPhone Seller Identity Discovered, who is at fault, the phone seller or buyer? The seller

01:01:00  How does this relate to the Twitter documents? no payment was given, TechCrunch called Twitter and gave them back, they didn’t publish everything

01:03:00  Lon, usually stolen items you keep, the iPhone is journalistic in nature in that they gave it back, sellers fault

01:08:35  Principle Bans Social Networks, young kids should not be on the internet unsupervised

01:10:20 Worst part is they will still probably see some disturbing things, computers should be in the family room, you need to trust them and discuss the internet use and privacy  settings, Zuckerberg has no morals, the default privacy settings tell something about a person

01:12:30  A drivers license should be required when driving a car and under a certain age you should only be able to go only 5 mph over the speed limit

01:14:30  Are we going to value the annonymous comments or not, which provides more value?

01:18:20  When Tyler was in 7th grade he and a friend were caught picking on someone and all the parents involved had to go into a meeting at the school to straighten it out, not a social network issue then, kids will be kids but social networks have more reach.

01:20:10  Steve Jobs vs. Adobe, he is brilliant and well written, he made a case against Adobe and every point is correct, but if anyone else wrote the same letter people would go nuts, the argument fails by not giving people a choice.

01:24:00  Industry needs to decide on a standard, internet is at a cross roads

01:26:50  Jason is considering breaking the show up one show with only a guest interview the other being a show of “Ask Jason”, “Jason’s Shark Tank” and “The News”

01:28:00  End

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  • Mike

    when does this start?

  • Can you guys upload HD (720p +) video to youtube?

  • arnorhs

    Great show. Too bad I missed the live broadcast.

    Congratulations on the 50th episode!

    All the best,

  • thisweek
  • thisweek

    @arnorhs we missed having you in the chatroom but it is up for you to view.

    Thank you we would not be here without our wonderful viewers!

  • Thanks for selecting my pitch for MusicTrainer.com as best pitch. Being on TWiST was basically my first introduction into the Startup world. A trial by fire. I know the quality of my pitch could have been much better but thank you for seeing the progress and vision of what I am trying to achieve with MusicTrainer.com. Don't be afraid to say hi by following me http://www.twitter.com/BrendanMiranda (personal) and http://www.twitter.com/MusicTrainer (business).

  • Happy 50th birthday

    Great show as usual, great insights Tyler (you should make a “Insight from Tyler” t-shirt), loved the elephant story.

    +1 for splitting the show, I think it could be really nice.

    Have fun and take care.

  • Anonymous

    @saadshamim I will pass this suggestion to the studio team..thx!

  • thisweek

    Check out Charles Goffnett's shirteeapp.com he created some Tyler Insight

    Thx for watching & hope you watch the new format!

  • thisweek

    @brendanmiranda glad you called and happy about how far you have come all
    the best to you!

  • Thanks for the well wishes. Looking forward to launching soon. Lots of exciting stuff going on behind the scenes right now.

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  • Great show guys, I might be speaking out of ignorance here, but what ever happened to the special guest + Microsoft campus special? I must have missed the news on what happened with that, its probably going to be at a future date, but either way.

    Congrats on 50 shows.

  • thisweek

    @Justin here is the announcement on the change http://bit.ly/9Ty3Ux

  • stevenmilstein

    Another great show but maybe too great. 1:27:56 is quite a chunk. But thankfully, it was well worth it to hear about the Middle School Principle who wants parents to ban their kids from social sites & text messaging. Thanks Lon for bringing that one up at 1:13:29! I love Jason's Key solution for the car / auto insurance industry & especially his suggestion for a social software site that just for kids! Maybe one day when Jason's daughter is old enough, he'll monitor her at http://edu.cyn.in .

    In the meantime, I look forward to further enjoying the parsed show format.

  • thisweek

    @stevenmilstein thx for your feedback, much appreciated!