E015: with Roelof Botha




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Sorry for the delay in posting (we were pretty busy with a little conference called TechCrunch50), but here’s Jason’s show from last week with Roelof Botha.¬† Given Roelof’s experience in startups and venture capital, we did a special show with extra call-ins, so make sure to check out what people are trying to learn and some of the new startups they’re founding.

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  • Excellent show – best yet in my opinion. Really good to have a top VC.

    It would be great if some sort of show notes / wiki feature could be introduced capturing the details of all the Ask Jason and Shark tank callers (and their companies). I really want to get in touch with “Lee” from this episode to explore complementarity between his great idea and the startup I am involved in.

    Very best,


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  • good idea about the wiki damien.

    Great show

  • Paul Towers

    Out of the Episodes to date (1 to 15) this has been my favorite so far. The insight from Roelof was fantastic, especially his comments on how much runway a company should have, how to pitch and generally what he was seeing in the sector at the time around financing and raising your next round.