About this Episode

If you’re part of the tech world, you’ve no doubt heard by now about the controversy over “angel” investing groups charging startups to present to them (for full background, check out Jason’s posts on the subject: Part 1 and Part 2).  So for this week’s episode, we dropped the normal guest and instead had a ton of callers from all sides of the issues: Steve Bell, a member of the Keiretsu Forum; Mike Sid, a CEO who was hounded by one of these forums; an entrepreneur who’s pitched several of the forums; and a venture capitalist who’s attended all of them.  Check out what all of them have to say about this practice and where they think its going.

Of course we wouldn’t leave you without some of your favorite regular segments too, we’ve got callers for Ask Jason & Jason’s Shark Tank, and of course Lon is stopping by to read the news.

Enjoy the episode, and make sure to leave your comments about this hot-button, and important issue.

Remember, next week we’ll be on early @ 11am PDT with Gary Vaynerchuck!

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