TWiST: Who Will Be The Secret Guest?


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This has been kept super quiet, even I don’t know,
If I missed the mark add your thoughts to the comments.

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  • Now that my guess is already one of the options to choose from I am very certain I know who it is. Great choice guys ;]

  • FrankDenbow

    Gotta go with Mark Cuban. Would love to hear him speak for a few hours.

  • pentaxfan

    Have to say the list of potential guests only missed one that really made an impact and that name is Gary Vaynerchuck. Kind of surprised me, but would like to see more than one guest for the show. Thanks for TWIST and everything This Week.

  • one4themoney

    Honestly… I'm thinking it would be Bill Gates.

  • Cuban wouldn't be too much of a surprise …. pre-existing relationship often discussed. Leo would be an interesting twist given recent dust-up, and Jeff is always great. No comment on Jack … nothing bad, I'm just not well enough informed about him … which, come to think of it, might make him a great guest! In any case, will be watching.

  • TES

    I don't think Leo's ever come on your show!