E550: 3D Robotics CEO/Founder Chris Anderson on his hottest new drones, the evolution of the hardware renaissance, why he created an open source community & how he built America’s biggest drone maker



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It’s our second show for Drone Week & the launch of the “Inside Drones” podcast! Chris Anderson, former “Wired” Editor-in-Chief turned CEO/Founder of 3DRobotics (3DR) invites Jason to Berkeley, CA, to talk & fly the hottest drones. It’s an amazing conversation where Chris explains his journey from “Wired” to becoming obsessed with drones after building one out of legos with his kids, to starting an open source drone community, to building 3DR — the biggest drone maker in America. Jason and Chris dive into the history of how this incredible technology came to be, exactly how drones are bound (or not bound) by the laws of physics and/or government, and what we can expect (dream!) for the future. We see some of Chris’s greatest hits, upcoming releases … and watch Jason and Chris fly them on his roof deck! Join us!

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