E355: Adeo Ressi, Founder and CEO at The Founder Institute



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In his first one on one interview with @Jason, @adeoressi sits down to discuss the Founders Institute.

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Adeo Ressi



3:05:00 Why did you create the Founder Institute?
12:00:00 How did the idea become a reality?
17:20:00 Do you think the pressure of publicity forced you to act?
20:50:00 Is it healthy to set absurd goals?
22:00:00 What is the qualifier to join Founder Institute?
23:55:00 What is the type of questions you ask entrepreneurs’ peers?
24:45:00 Can entrepreneurs be made?
29:00:00 Are people with narrow world views drawn to entrepreneurship?
29:45:00 How do you channel people with mental illness?
38:15:00 When co-founders’ scores are vastly different, why does it cause them to break up?
40:15:00 Have you seen two people with mental illness pair up?
42:00:00 What is the selection process for getting two founders to get along?
43:45:00 What are the 16 weeks like?
47:30:00 Is being delusional virtuous or dangerous?
50:00:00 How does it help to prove that an idea won’t work instead of how it will?
52:00:00 Should a lot of these folks not be entrepreneurs?
55:30:00 Whats your highest performing chapter in Europe?
1:03:00 64 40 -1 -30 Where do you see Founder Institute in 5 years?
1:04:00 65 40 -1 -30 How much percent of the exits do you get?
1:05:00 66 50 -1 -30 Do countries give you subsidies to start chapters?
1:06:45 68 10 -1 -30 Do you design the program to make a majority quit?
1:09:30 71 10 -1 -30 What percentage of the companies get to the A round?
1:10:00 71 55 -1 -30 Have you had some major failures in cities?
1:11:00 72 40 -1 -30 What was a time you did the “gamification” too hard?
1:12:00 74 0 -1 -30 Did a lot of the founders quit?
1:13:15 75 15 -1 -30 Is it bc you’re so hard on yourself that other people expect you to be hard on them?
1:15:30 80 0 -1 -30 Why doesn’t a Mentor’s ratings differ by country?
1:18:30 80 10 -1 -30 What was the first night of the Founder Institute like?
1:22:45 84 25 -1 -30 How much is it worth now?
1:23:15 84 50 -1 -30 Where is your fund?
1:24:30 86 55 -1 -30 Are you not picking winners by doing a scoring system?
1:27:45 89 50 -1 -30 Thanks Adeo for being on TWIST, you can follow the Founder Institute @founding


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