E378: The 6 Biggest Mistakes Founders Make with coach and former VC Jerry Colonna



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Jerry Colonna knows the high highs and low lows that confront entrepreneurs. As a VC, he gave Jason his first job, and saw the successful exits of an array of dotcom startups, including Geocities. After the bubble burst, followed shortly after by 9/11, Jerry entered a deep depression. He left the VC world, and now coaches founders and CEOs. Some common themes? Loneliness, fights with cofounders, troubled relationships. Want to keep a level head? We asked him to share the top five mistakes founders make, and how to avoid them. He even gave us a bonus answer! Watch this great episode for his sage advice.

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The 6 Biggest Mistakes Founders Make

1. Deluding yourself and the team.
2. Merging yourself with your business or product.
3. Not understanding the role of the CEO.
4. Being unclear.
5. Avoiding difficult, fearful or challenging situations, people, or conversations.
6. Externalizing responsibility for everything.

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