Airbnb’s category search, Coinbase’s new disclosure + Facebook exits podcasting with Ashley Carman | E1457



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00:00 Molly tees up today’s show
02:12 Jason and Molly are ready for All In Summit, “Details matter”
08:13 Airbnb’s search options
12:33 – Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time at
13:49 More on the new Airbnb search options, where could Airbnb take it?
20:29 Odoo – Get your first app free and a $1000 credit at
21:34 Airbnb’s insurance feature: aircover
33:55 Coda – The All-in-one doc for teams, get a $1,000 credit at
35:04 Coinbase released a filing this morning that sent some into a panic, stock down another 22% today
53:00 Jason heads out to Miami for All In Summit
54:46 Ashley Carman joins to talk about Facebook dropping podcasts

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