E394: Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian on how the internet can make you more awesome



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Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet. Almost. Quantcast ranks it #31 in the U.S.. But with 81 million monthly views worldwide, it’s ahead of CNN and the New York Times. Celebrities, book authors, even President Obama are hosting Ask Me Anything threads to reach that massive audience, which skews young, male and libertarian. Alexis Ohanian and cofounder Steve Huffman started Reddit in the inaugural YCombinator class in 2005. After selling Reddit to Condé Nast in October of 2006, Alexis stayed on until 2010. Now, he invests in companies and advises other young entrepreneurs to have fun, make money, and do good on the internet. When he sat down with Jason in New York City, Alexis talked about the wonder of a multimillion dollar exit at age 23, avoiding censorship on reddit, and how tech leaders need to step up to politics in an era of SOPA, PIPA and NSA intrusions into privacy. His new book is Without Their Permission.

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