E712: All #AskJason, PT1: VC ethics, investing strategies, picking winners, patents & NDAs, women in entrepreneurship, bootstrapping to success & more



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As an angel investor, as a founder, and as host of 700+ episodes of TWiST, Jason constantly receives questions from founders and superfans. Today, he answers 15 — from how to passively support viable startups if you have a day job to best fundraising advice, from how much confidentiality founders should expect, to tips for female entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the tricky waters of owning and running a company in a male-dominated landscape. Plus, find out some of Jason’s investment strategies to choosing winners to invest in. This is only the first of two parts, so stay tuned for much more.

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01:27: Alexandra: With day jobs, is there a way to passively support viable startups?

05:10: Christopher: What are you thoughts about VC fundraising? 

15:09: Patty: When should you protect your idea with an NDA?

19:48: Leo: How can startups obtain patent funding with limited budget?

30:06: Pablo: What are your investing strategies for picking winners? 

22:38: Jo-Anne: What is your advice for women in entrepreneurship?

38:51: Matt: What is your advice for bootstrapped companies? 

44:42: Sergey: How much time do you commit to helping your portfolio companies directly? 

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