E735: All #AskJason: Failing after product-market fit, consumer app VC & monetization, the (un)necessity of patents, (un)fundable b-corps, hard lessons, focus above everything



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Most days at startups, you have more problems than you have solutions, and more bad days than good days. As an angel investor, as a founder, and as host of 700+ episodes of TWiST, Jason constantly receives questions from founders and superfans about startups. Today, he offers timeless advice — from why most startups fail after product market fit has been achieved, to his thoughts on the state of VC in consumer apps, from patent protection, to fundamental ways to transition into a long-term thinking company. Plus, find out what lesson Jason learned the hard way.

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01:08: Christine: Why do most startups fail after product market fit has been achieved?

09:12: Sonny: With the current trends in the market, what advice would you give companies that take longer to monetize such as social apps?

16:25: Leo: It would be better if I filed a patent before I present to my project to investor. But I don’t have money for patent Lawyer. What do I do?

21:24: Michael: Will venture capital support benefit corporations?

27:10: Krista: What’s a lesson you learned the hard way? Do you mind sharing it with us, so we might not also have to learn the hard way?

32:38: Arun: Thoughts on the state of VC in consumer apps?

37:40: S. Owais: How do you get entrepreneurs / people with an idea to own their product and not dump it off to their product and / or development team?

44:00: Michael: How do you keep thinking “Long Term” (a goal of growing to be a multi-billion dollar company) when many people around you seem focused on early exits & making a few million dollars?

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