E752: All #AskJason: Bootstrapping in flyover states, beating powerful competition, product v. pitch deck, hardware traction & metrics, advice for non-accredited investors, online communities dos & don’ts




about this episode

As an angel investor, as a founder, and as host of 700+ episodes of TWiST, Jason constantly receives questions from founders and superfans about startups. Today, he offers timeless advice — from what an angel investor looks for in a venture outside their market, to raising money against competitors, from calculating and negotiating equity with advisors, to advice for non-accredited angels with low investment budgets. Plus, find out the key lessons Jason has learned about building online communities.

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01:14: What does an angel investor look for in a venture outside their market?

11:50: How can raise I money and compete against a powerful competitor?

16:32: Is a live product better than a pitch deck?

26:19: How should founders calculate & negotiate equity with advisors?

31:18: How to show traction if you are a hardware startup?

38:25: Best advice for non-accredited angels with low investment budgets?

47:08: Key lessons you’ve learned while building online communities?

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