E671: All #AskJason: Wooing investors after failure, advice for introverts, approach to pricing, tackling growth, B2B vs. B2C & more



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After years of angel investing, Jason constantly gets questions. Today, he answers 11 common questions for 2016, some that are timeless, others about the moment — from advice for introverts to self-promote to approaches to tackling growth, from how do you get intelligence about your competitor’s pricing to the secret to finding a technical co-founder if you are a non technical founder. Plus, find out what Jason thinks is most valuable to focus on: product, market, growth, team, prototype? All this and much more.

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01:27-05:21: Can a startup with failures woo new investors for future products or releases?

05:22-10:57: How can an introvert self-promote?

12:47-17:39: Best way to approach pricing?

17:43-28:48: How are your portfolio companies tackling growth?

26:03-33:09: Should founders pay themselves before reaching traction & revenue?

33:12-37:56: For B2C, how long to reach “ramen profitability” before giving up?

38:00-42:11: How can my startup develop without revenue when that is what angels & VCs look for?

42:14-45:26: Are you open to non-tech startup ideas?

45:29-48:03: How to decide between B2C and B2B if you can go either way?

48:06-55:23: Best way to find a technical co-founder?

55:26-01:02: For a SEED pitch, what is best to focus on?

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