All-In E11: Election Night Special featuring surprise guests!

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Show Notes:
0:00 The besties & Phil Hellmuth on Trump’s early lead, live betting odds, the Latinx reversal
10:09 Sacks intros political expert Michael Newman on vote tally timing discrepancies, why some states skew a certain way early & more
20:33 Assessing the 180 in the gambling markets & equity markets towards a pro-Trump outcome
24:18 SurveyMonkey Chief Research Officer Jon Cohen joins the show to talk about polling updates from 2016 to 2020, understanding the race so far, electoral college & more
41:51 Biden losing Florida, tax policy, cultural repudiation of the elites in 2020
50:43 Chamath on the stupidity of the establishment, socialism, Democratic ideology for 2024 if Biden loses
55:40 Mid-show predictions, Jason goes off on Trump
1:07:58 What will happen in the time until we have a clear winner, Trump as a middle finger
1:17:55 Brad Gerstner joins the show to talk about stock futures, what the Democrats keep getting wrong – coastal elites losing touch with normal people, rebuking lockdowns
1:38:24 Reviewing the race swing state by swing state
1:47:28 Bill Gurley joins the show to talk about divisiveness, urban/rural rapture & more
1:55:53 Pete Buttigieg as the future of the Democratic Party, Chamath calls out the democratic leaders
2:00:43 Reconciling middle America & the coastal elites, respecting each other’s differences, understanding Prop 22
2:11:34 Diagnosing states that flipped from Biden to Trump, anti-business California state propositions failing, union impact on legislation
2:23:01 Senate races, market talk, which Democratic candidate had the best chance of beating Trump, voting for character over policy
2:34:32 Jason & Sacks debate Russian election interference legitimacy
2:41:34 Sacks unveils his Trump Derangement Score tracker, updated outcome scenarios & more
2:51:51 Trump declaring victory could tank markets, live reaction to Joe Biden’s election night address

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