All-In E5: WHO’s incompetence, kicking off Cold War II, China’s grand plan, 100X’ing America’s efficiency

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0:00 Jason intros the group and catches some heat for his recent Twitter video & recent rounds of golf with David Sacks
8:00 Roundup controversy & the WHO’s incompetence explained
18:58 Fixing the WHO, economic arms race with China
26:21 Kicking off Cold War II, 5G chips as the new oil, American manufacturing
37:34 Is the CCP targeting the US with their geographic & economic influence? China’s grand plan, protecting Taiwan
46:18 Utilizing Central & South America to decrease reliance on Chinese manufacturing
51:16 Ideas to 100x America’s efficiency, as if it were a startup, Jason tells his doxing story
1:13:29 Will school re-open in the Fall? Impact of decreased socialization on kids
1:23:35 Election update

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