All-In E7: California’s collapse, how SPACs are opening the markets for growth stocks & more




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0:00 The gang recap their summers
6:43 Is California collapsing? Why or why not? Has the one-party system failed?
14:05 Understanding the bureaucratic side of California’s problem
20:37 AB-5 & the working rights of freelancers
27:11 How would AB-5 passing impact Uber & Lyft’s long-term profitability & consumer experience, could franchising fix this?
34:45 California lagging in police reform, what tactical steps could be taken to stop deadly policing
46:13 Chamath on the most important economic event of the last decade & why he is now bullish on the market
50:46 Why technology companies should be going public sooner, how SPACs are allowing retail investors access to growth stocks
1:01:23 Election talk – who is in the lead ahead of the first debate?
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