All-In E8: TikTok + Oracle, how privacy loss will impact society, economy & COVID outlooks for 2021 & beyond, California wildfires & more

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America Needs to Lock Down Again:
A Taxonomy of Fear:
NuScale Power Article:
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Show Notes:
0:00 The besties talk about the bestie reunion mishap, the Code 13 story & more
5:42 TikTok + Oracle, is the escalation between China & US a slippery slope, security threats created by modern software
15:01 What’s the bigger picture of the TikTok debate, what policy could be enacted
20:13 The emerging market for guaranteed privacy & how this impacts society
27:43 State of the US economy, is there a permanent unemployed class & could there be a second wave of lockdowns?
37:44 COVID outlooks for 2021 & beyond, innovations in rapid testing

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