Altimeter’s Brad Gerstner on taking Grab public in largest SPAC ever, fixing broken IPOs | E1203



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Show notes:

00:00​ Start
00:58​ Why the IPO is a broken process
06:33​ “Power to the people” business models like Zillow & online travel
09:39​ Tiny – Sell your wonderful internet business at​
11:02​ Zillow’s Zestimate backstory
12:55​ How Altimeter won over Grab’s board by deconstructing the IPO
18:14​ Brad’s take on low-quality SPACs
20:34​ Rippling – For an easier way to run your startup remotely visit​
22:12​ Investor safety implications of retail traders + social media
35:22​ Secureframe – Get a SOC 2 in weeks not months. Get $2000 off at
36:55​ How Brad would encourage good investing practices
38:55​ Grab, the largest announced SPAC to date
42:00​ Back to the Future – the revival of instant commerce
50:50​ Making everyone an owner – how to demonstrate capitalism’s effectiveness

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