AMA 1: freeCodeCamp’s Quincy Larson answers founder and developer questions

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freeCodeCamp Founder Quincy Larson answers questions from his exclusive AMA only on This Week in Startups’ Slack!

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0:33 Emin asks: What is the best tactic to build an award-winning dev team? Hire junior developers and incubate them or hire more senior people?

4:29 Rob asks: What does FCC moving to a project-based curriculum look like for someone with a moderate programming background, and where should they start approaching the freeCodeCamp curriculum?

5:41 Ilya asks: What are your thoughts on remote work for developers post COVID. What are the biggest challenges companies are facing? And how can candidates stand out in a remote job interview?

7:55 Swyx asks: What are your thoughts on SEO/building a media empire out of FCC? What about keeping nonprofit, but making FreeCodeCamp’s YouTube and Content presence for profit?

11:06 Farjad asks: What is your advice on contributing to open-source projects like FCC and when it is appropriate/how to begin? Do I have to become an expert first? How can a beginner contribute?

13:27 James asks: Many online courses and MOOCS have high drop off rates and struggle to retain users. Have you found this with freeCodeCamp and, if so, what measures have you found work best to keep people learning?

16:40 Brady asks: What are the plans for future courses? Will there be other languages or frameworks included?

20:40 Cpulido asks: I am new to coding. I have a vision of what I want to build but I am wondering if I am being too ambitious. How do I effectively learn and build at the same time?

23:24 Jean asks: In an age of low-code and no-code, what are your thoughts on total beginners exploring a new career path today?

28:01 Luke asks: Which other founders/leaders and companies in the free code/online learning space do you think are also doing great work for the community?

30:14 Charles asks: Is there a place for those that are passionate but don’t think they could ever be a great coder? Are the skills learned at FCC transferable or useful for gaining employment in another part of the tech/startup industry?

31:55 Jacqui asks: I’m curious about your experience teaching in China. What ages and subjects did you teach, and what are some differences you’ve seen between the education systems in the US and China, and how do those differences play out into careers?

36:47 Heidi asks: As a nonprofit (public charity), what do you find is the most difficult part of soliciting donations? Is it easier to get corporations to buy into what you’re building/doing or 1:1/community to give donations?

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