Amazon in talks to acquire MGM, AT&T offloading Warner Media, Dapper Labs lawsuit plus NYT’s Taylor Lorenz on creator economy, Clubhouse & Jake Paul’s venture fund | E1217



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Show notes:
00:00 Start
01:00 News with Jason: Amazon in talks to acquire MGM
06:29 AT&T to spin off media group to Discovery
09:15 Assessing the class-action suit against Dapper Labs, makers of NBA Top Shot
13:48 Dell for Entrepreneurs- Get a free consultation & an additional 5% off
15:21 Taylor Lorenz’s take on Instagram Kids
19:44 Does it make sense that Jake Paul started a Rolling Fund? What about other reckless influencers & YouTubers?
28:20 Squarespace – Get 10% with the code TWIST
29:55 Will Clubhouse recover? How can their user experience improve?
37:38 Does it make sense for Substack to give big advances to writers?
42:43 Tiny Capital – Sell your wonderful internet business
44:12 TikTok concerns & where else should the US be looking at Chinese tech
48:50 Taylor’s “sacrifice to be a writer” and how she thinks about offers to go independent vs. the benefits of traditional media
53:08 Taylor’s Twitter strategy
55:20 Is there a difference between generations of reporters at the NYT?
58:59 How the relationship between tech and journalists has devolved
1:09:47 Elon & Taylor’s backchannel from a friend on SNL
1:12:45 Clubhouse, a16z, the creator economy & companies telling their own story
1:19:00 Sperataintg the NYT Opinion and News sections

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