Andy Rachleff on management theory, Reed Hastings’ genius, lessons from passing on Netflix & more | E1158

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Show notes:
0:00 Start
1:08 Jason intros Andy Rachleff & they discuss the importance of optimism throughout down years
7:16 Correcting investment behavior
11:31 ChartHop – Get $600 in credits at
13:10 Maintaining sanity as an investor
16:02 Management theory, adding value, risk taking, Pareto principle
25:20 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at
26:42 Succeeding against large incumbents, importance of word-of-mouth in exponential consumer growth, mistakes of paid growth
33:24 What made Don Valentine special
34:36 Squarespace – Go to for a free trial, and use code TWIST for 10% off
36:31 Netflix’s streaming MVP, Reed Hastings’ genius & journey to Netflix
47:04 Why Benchmark passed on Netflix 3 times, Wealthfront’s culture & Andy’s management strategy
55:41 Jim Collins’ impact on Benchmark & Wealthfront, how Wealthfront innovates in consumer finance vs. branch-based banks
1:09:14 Wealthfront’s second decade, faking founder authority
1:18:32 Talent management philosophy
1:27:16 Learning from vengeful career actions, sharp-elbowed venture capital stories
1:41:53 Thoughts on legacy, advice for new investors joining the markets

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