E753: LAUNCH Angel Summit: Esther Dyson on early days of angel investing, jobs with purpose, improving America’s health, & future of AR, VR, & self-driving cars




about this episode

Filmed live on stage at the 2017 LAUNCH Angel Summit in Napa Valley, Jason interviews Esther Dyson, journalist and technology investor turned wellness enthusiast, who is on a mission to better health by rethinking and recreating the environment in which it can thrive. In this special episode of TWiST, Jason and Esther discuss the progression of angel investing over the years, the complexities around U.S. and Russia relations, predictions of AR, VR, & self-driving cars, real-world issues including diabetes and income volatility, and more.

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00:35: Jason introduces today’s guest, Esther Dyson

01:40: How Esther got started in angel investing

03:50: Goal of media and how it’s changed

04:57: Russia and Trump

09:12: How angel investing and technology has changed over the years

11:52: AR/VR predictions

14:00: Biggest challenge of self-driving cars

20:10: What are you working on right now

23:45: We need more women and people of color to create more role models

24:34: Esther’s long run hope

28:30: Jobs

31:50: Book recommendations

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