Apple AR headset scoops with Mark Gurman + Campbell Baron: Gen Z startup content creator | E1366



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00:00 Jason & Molly introduce the show
02:02 Bloomberg News’ Mark Gurman joins to discuss Apple’s headset
06:37 Will Apple enter AR at the expense of iPhone sales?
11:48 Odoo – Get your first app free and a $1000 credit at
12:58 The next major platform battle
17:37 Expected initial target market for an Apple headset & design cues
21:41 Eight Sleep – Go to to check out the Pod Pro Cover and get $150 off at checkout!
23:11 Expected screen resolution and other features
26:37 Forecasting who will be in the lead in 10 years
33:39 OpenPhone – Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at
35:25 Fun banter with Jason, Molly & the This Week in Startups producers
1:00:25 Producer Rachel introduces Campbell Baron
1:08:48 How Campbell sold his TikTok account
1:17:31 Building in public vs. private
1:24:52 Gen Z’s way of networking

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