Armstrong & Tether skip crypto hearings, Adele’s NFT resale solution + Startup Checklist E10 | E1342



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00:00 Jason intros the show
01:25 Tether missing from the congressional crypto hearing, Brian Armstrong sends CFO
10:11 LinkedIn Marketing – Get a $100 LinkedIn ad credit at
11:44 The positive outlook for the crypto hearing
16:06 Adele’s ticketing problem and Jason’s NFT solution
20:11 Odoo – Get your first app free and a $1000 credit at
21:24 Startup Checklist Episode 10
23:19 Understand lean management (SOD/EOD)
30:21 Vanta – Get get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2 at
31:41 Hire people smarter than you
33:30 Understand how to spend your capital efficiently
36:23 Know the value of “little big things”
39:08 Be able to do back of the envelope math
42:55 Read the “Mount Rushmore of Management Books”
43:51 Go through your entire product workflow every week
44:34 Avoid “shiny object syndrome”
46:30 Align your team with monthly updates
47:49 Why you should NEVER lie (In general, but ESPECIALLY when you’re raising money)


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