Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius: early-stage valuations, product roadmaps, startup killers, Twitter gets its groove back & more | E1179





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Show notes:
0:53 Jason intros Zach Coelius for another Ask an Angel
1:23 Santosh asks about transitioning service-based revenue to recurring revenue
6:55 Leah asks about calculating early-stage valuations
13:45 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at
15:06 Jordan asks about what growth & usage numbers investors look for when investing in founders that are not ‘ideal’ looking?
19:03 George asks if you should bootstrap if possible
22:24 Enrique asks what their process is like from first meeting to investment
25:53 Fiverr – Sign up for Fiverr Business free for the first year at and save 10% on your purchase with promo code JASON
27:22 Keerthan asks if he can count a successful Kickstarter campaign as a product validation test
29:01 Ownnit asks about product roadmap
32:18 Jake asks about building a network when moving to a tech hub
36:56 Terry asks about the single most detrimental thing to startup success
40:46 Matt asks about the best way to start getting his own deal flow as an angel investor
43:45 Bob asks about Clubhouse vs. Twitter spaces & if Twitter will kill Substack with Super Follows

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