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Elon buys ~9% stake in Twitter + Freestyle Capital’s Dave Samuel | E1426

First, Jason and Molly discuss Elon buying a 9.2% stake in Twitter (01:50). Then, Dave Samuel of Freestyle VC joins (23:18) for a discussion on early stage investing. Freestyle invested early in startups including Airtable, Patreon and Intercom. We talk about how fund size dictates strategy, how to give feedback to founders (especially when it’s a no) and more.

Understanding non-dilutive fundraising options + Continuum Ag Founder Mitchell Hora | E1419

Sunday Double-header! First, in VC Sunday School, Jason explains non-dilutive funding’s impact on startups (2:18). Then, Molly interviews Continuum Ag Founder Mitchell Hora. His company helps farmers analyze their soil and create a roadmap to improve it via a holistic approach known as regenerative agriculture (21:33).

Teenage hacking phenom allegedly caught, Molly’s Hall of Fame induction & OK Boomer | E1418

Another Friday variety show! First up, Jason and Molly break down the 16-year old hacking phenom who was allegedly behind the recent hacks at Microsoft, Nvidia and Okta, and might have just been caught (1:13). Then, the duo covers Molly’s induction into LIBSYN’s Podcasting Hall of Fame (6:46) and reminisces on the early days of podcasting including their first podcast together over 16 years ago (11:19). Finally, Producer Rachel is back with another edition of OK Boomer, this time with Miami Hack Week founder Ja’dan Johnson (20:19).

Streaming news! Breaking down WeCrashed E1-3 & The Dropout E5 with Lon Harris | E1417

Lon Harris joins Molly and Jason to talk WeCrashed, The Dropout and Super Pumped! First, they play a round of “Boff, Marry, Kill” between the three shows (1:16), before breaking down the first three episodes of WeCrashed (16:15) and the two lead performances (24:25). They finish with a quick chat on The Dropout and examine the potential of a “tech cinematic universe” (34:15).

Katie Haun’s $1.5B web3 fund, Yuga Labs worth $4B, Apple’s BNPL play + ChroniFI’s Ben Miller | E1416

Jason and Molly take on another Five in Five! Five stories in (a little over) five minutes each: Katie Haun’s record-breaking $1.5B debut web3 fund (2:50), Yuga Labs raising $450M at a $4B valuation (12:42), Apple’s potential BNPL play (25:23), Worldcoin’s $100M raise and privacy concerns (29:59) and Nothing’s new iPhone competitor (40:13). Then, Molly talks to ChroniFI Founder & CEO Ben Miller on building a consumer software product that helps people plan for financial independence. (48:59)

How Apple can win podcasting, Bezos’ leadership, MBAs raising search funds & FDNY robodogs | E1415

Tuesday news day! Jason and Molly break down the following stories: Apple’s “new” creator tools, and brainstorming on how they could dominate podcasting again (2:23), Jeff Bezos’ letter to shareholders from 2000, when Amazon’s share price was down ~80% from its dot-com bubble peak (16:02), understanding search funds and why elite MBA grads are raising them (38:23). Finally, they wrap with a WLiTF segment about the FDNY purchasing a couple of Boston Dynamics “robodogs” to help with search and rescue missions. (47:15)

Cana CEO Matt Mahar on launching a “Replicator for beverages,” turning a product into a platform, working with The Production Board, and more | E1399

Cana is back on the podcast, previously David Friedberg teased the “molecular beverage printer” on E1365. This time, we speak and to CEO Matt Mahar about pricing, their go-to-market plans, their cartridge subscription process, Cana’s potential climate impact, current flavors and more! Molly was the first outsider to tour their facility and she tried a whole bunch of beverages from the Cana One. To see the video search “This Week in Startups – Video” in your podcast player or go to