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Google AR, Peloton pullback + David Friedberg: Cana, the first molecular beverage printer | E1365

David Friedberg joins to discuss The Production Board’s latest company, Cana, which is making, the world’s first molecular beverage printer. But first Jason and Molly break down some news. Google is reportedly working on an AR headset (2:15) and Peloton trying to improve their bottom line by raising prices and reportedly halting production and trimming headcount (18:54).

Then, David joins to chat about how his company Cana could totally remake the beverage industry with a device reminiscent of Star Trek’s Replicator (36:57). You will learn:

1. How humans perceive taste.
2. How The Production Board incubates deep tech companies and evaluates if science is ready to be commercialized.
3. The way the Cana device will be able to recreate any beverage on demand.
4. Which types of beverages will be practical first.

Check out Cana:

FTC antitrust revision, 5G rollout pause + David Rosenthal’s $2.8M fund: Angel S6 E2 | E1364

First Jason and Molly cover how 5G rollouts are causing problem with airlines (2:03) and Lina Khan’s remarks on reworking antitrust regulation to not only consider deals inflicting consumer harm, but those lessening competition (10:10).

Then, David Rosenthal for Season 6 Episode 2 of Angel (29:00)

– David’s been a VC for a while, but he just launched a new $2.8M fund part-time with Nat Manning
– We get into why his small fund size is actually so significant and represents new possibilities in venture
– How he uses his podcast and community to get dealflow
– What he thinks you need before starting your own VC fund

Full breakdown of Microsoft acquiring Activision-Blizzard for ~$70B+ | E1363

Microsoft has announced its intention to make the largest tech acquisition ever by buying Activision-Blizzard for ~$75B ($68.7 when you net out Activision’s cash). This is Microsoft’s 3rd major gaming acquisition as it attempts to build the “Netflix for Gaming” with its Game Pass service.

We cover the details of the deal: what the combined company will look like, how this fits into Microsoft’s metaverse strategy, Microsoft’s commitment to change the Activision-Blizzard culture, the $3B “breakup fee” that Activision is on the hook for if deal falls through, the potential challenge from the FTC and more!

Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman: victory through taking ownership, increasing velocity & cultivating talent | E1362

Frank is the Chairman & CEO of Snowflake, a company he joined and rapidly accelerated in 2019. Frank led Snowflake to the largest software IPO in history (his third massive IPO as CEO). Previously, he grew Data Domain from $0 in revenue in 2003 to a ~$776M IPO in 2007 and then grew ServiceNow to a $22B market cap. In this episode you will learn the principles Frank uses to achieve outlier outcomes.

1 – Attracting and cultivating performing talent. Getting the wrong people off the bus fast is critical. Frank prefers “drivers” to “passengers.”
2 – Without risk-taking, the business will stagnate. Left to their own devices things slow to a “glacial pace.” CEOs should push to find the true limits of the organization.
3 – Intellectual honesty is required. Copy-pasting strategy from previous roles is unacceptable. You need to develop deep conviction, while maintaining humility to course correct when you are wrong.
4 – Culture and reputation are defined by your actions. CEOs must maintain an incredibly high bar.

Get his book “Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity”

Oath Keepers indicted from Signal messages, U.S. House subpoenas tech platforms + Alex Masmej: selling a personal token | E1361

First, Jason covers the how Signal messages led to the Oath Keeper sedition indictments (1:47) and how Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are being subpoenaed by the House committee investigating Jan 6th, 2021 (15:32). Then Producer Rachel has an “OK Boomer” segment where she talks with Alex Masmej a French entrepreneur about his experience raising $20K from selling a personal token, $ALEX (27:10).

1M fewer college students: is it a problem? + Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius | E1360

First Jason covers the recent college enrollment decline (1:23) and lays out his alternative (9:56).

Then Zach Coelius joins for an Ask an Angel session, where they answer 12 audience questions about investing and startups (20:37).

You will learn:
– What is the definition of an outlier success in VC?
– Are investors okay with founders that use no-code software like Bubble as an MVP?
– How does a seasoned investor deal with a founder who is headed in the wrong direction?
– Common pitch failures?
– When should you go for top line versus bottom line?
– Would VC funds do better with individuals instead of institutions?
– What industries Zach and Jason would like to see disrupted
– How much of an impact does bad reputation have on investing?
– What makes a good Board Meeting?
– As a VC, is it better to stay off the board from a liability standpoint?
– What is too expensive at the seed stage?

Y Combinator’s New Deal, Turo S-1 + Deep Sentinel CEO Dave Selinger: Human-in-the-loop security cameras | E1358

First Jason and Molly discuss YC’s new $500K deal for startups and what that means for founders and early stage investors (1:53). They also dig into car-sharing app Turo’s S-1 (25:32). Then Redfin Co-founder and current Deep Sentinel CEO Dave Selinger joins to discuss how his company blends human monitors and AI-enabled cameras to deliver an unmatched security camera experience (38:25).