BAYC at Sotheby’s, Loot, Tether Canada ban + 8VC’s Joe Lonsdale: Palantir, China, Cicero | E1278



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00:00 Jason intros the show – Guest Joe Lonsdale
1:42 News – $19M Bored Ape Yacht Club bid on Sotheby’s & the Loot NFT collection
09:46 Silicon Valley Bank – Banking & financial services for entrepreneurs, learn more at
11:07 Tether banned from Canadian exchanges
18:44 RealGoodFoods – Go to and use code TWIST for $15 off!
19:53 Interview – Joe Lonsdale
22:35 Why Joe is optimistic
30:24 What’s going on in China
36:51 Vanta – Get get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2
38:15 Joe’s take on Afghanistan
40:30 Palantir & other companies Joe co-founded
48:12 Lessons from building companies
55:10 Challenge trials
1:10:43 California’s decline, Texas
1:13:13 Solutions for healthcare

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