Bezos goes to space, Robinhood IPO, USDC attestation + Flock Safety’s Garrett Langley | E1249



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Show notes:

00:00 Start
02:32 Bezos goes to space in New Shepard
11:53 Embroker – Get an extra 10% off at
13:28 Robinhood is offering 35% of $2B in IPO shares to retail investors
20:40 LinkedIn – Post your first job for free at
22:25 Circle’s new USDC attestation
34:57 Odoo – Get $1000 off at
36:06 The Far East crypto crackdown continues
44:18 Pegasus hack
46:00 Zoom acquires Five9 for almost $15B
47:11 Keith Rabois-backed OpenStore went live
50:18 Interview, Garrett Langley Flock Safety
54:40 Why Flock exisits
1:19:40 Will cities ban cameras?
1:27:05 How Flock keeps data safe

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