Biden targets big corporations + Tether Investigation with Bitfinex’ed | E1243





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00:00 Start
02:21 News: President Joe Biden signs executive order
08:58 Why is this happening now?
17:10 Ladder – Check out Ladder life insurance today to see if you are instantly approved at
18:16 Tether Investigation with guest @Bitfinex’ed
22:27 Know Your Customer, and why it drives Tether adoption
27:18 Calm for business – Get one month free after you attend a free demo when you go to
28:54 Bitfinex & Tether linked by the same owners
36:09 How Tether works
38:11 Embroker – Get an extra 10% off using offer code TWIST at
39:41 The Crypto Capital debacle, Tether covering Bitfinex losses
44:28 New York Attorney General’s Tether investigation
48:55 $60B black swan risk
54:19 Speculation about the Tether attestation
59:55 The Tether team
1:11:10 Why Bitfinex’ed believes there is massive manipulation

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