Bolt’s struggles with The Information’s Malique Morris + How Yuga Labs’ mint sent Ethereum Gas 120X + Gravity Sketch | E1449



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00:00 Jason and Molly introduce today’s show
02:50 Last Thursday, The Information’s Malique Morris published an article on Bolt’s declining customer base and struggles, he joins us to discuss
12:19 Ourcrowd – Check out the deal of the week at
13:26 Speaking to Domm Holland and Ryan Breslow, how are they different?
24:19 Fiverr – Sign up for free for the first year and save 10% on your purchase with promo code JASON
25:35 Amazon’s “Buy with Prime” and their Amazon Basics monopoly
32:12 First Republic Bank – Discover what a long-term financial relationship can do for you. Visit today to learn more.
33:08 Stripe doing their own Fast checkout, competing against their own investment?
46:20 Wrapping up with Malique Morris
48:50 Spring energy in New York
55:12 WEB 3 is going great update
1:11:35 We Live in the Future with our Startup of the Day: Gravity Sketch, a 3D design platform

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