Bootstrapping vs. taking Venture Capital (FounderU) + Ask An Angel with Zach Coelius | E1260



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00:00 Founder University and Ask an Angel
01:17 Bootstrapped startups vs. Venture Backed Startups
9:48 Embroker – Get an extra 10% insurance for your business at
11:09 What is a pegasus company?
18:15 Venture capital is not a right
22:47 Brainbase – File a trademark for just $169
23:59 What type of business should take VC?
33:27 Why VCs are defined by outlier success
37:18 Odoo – Get your first app free and a $1000 credit at
38:48 Ask an Angel Zach Coelius
44:41 Zach’s best advice for a new angel investor
50:34 What do you think about white labeling tech?

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