Breaking down Basecamp’s tumultuous week, politics at work & more | E1208





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00:00 Start
00:55 Basecamp bans political discussions at work
05:00 Electronic communication removes nuance & empathy
09:19 Squarespace – Use code TWIST at checkout to get 10% off your website at
10:57 Breaking down the memos from Basecamp leadership
13:51 The catalyst for the controversy, the “best names ever list”
19:31 Vanta – Get $1k off your SOC 2 audit at
21:01 All-hands meeting escalation
22:40 Exodus following Basecamp’s severance offer
26:32 Jason’s policy for politics
29:28 Who gets to decide a company culture?
33:19 Polls of Jason’s Twitter audience
38:32 OurCrowd – Get a free account at
40:09 Ask Jason – How do you surround yourself with people more successful than you?

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