Breaking down Rivian’s IPO & $100B valuation + DAO deep dive with OpenLaw’s Aaron Wright | E1324



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0:00 Jason intros the show
2:05 Rivian IPO breakdown
10:04 Dell – Get a free consultation and 5% off coupon at
11:00 Comparing Rivian to traditional automakers
18:49 Napkin math on Rivian’s valuation
20:57 Ourcrowd – Check out the deal of the week at
22:13 Interview – Aaron Wright, OpenLaw
27:50 Evidence for DAOs working
32:54 Embroker – Get an extra 10% off insurance for your business at
34:17 Programming governance
40:02 VC General partner vs. DAO investing model
45:18 What OpenLaw provides for DAOs
48:55 Why DAOs are capped at 99 members right now
53:05 What the Ethereum ecosystem learned from failed DAOs
57:49 Does it make sense for Jason to create a DAO
1:02:07 Are DAOs securities?
1:07:35 How much it costs to set up a DAO

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